About us

Amazing Nepal Trek and Expedition was founded in 2017 but the experiences that led to the establishment of this company spans over a decade. A company that was a relentless effort of a group of passionate travel experts the company has stood out for their efforts intake tourism into greater heights. The mission of Amazing Nepal Trek and Expedition is to turn to the hidden local destination and give them the love and attention it deserves.  Attracting tourist activities in unexplored areas will create a win-win situation for both the community around and tourist; the explorers can enjoy new gems while community enjoys growth to tourist activities. 

However, as a company that commits to giving you that “amazing” experience we simply do not limit ourselves to just this, tours, treks and peak climbing with the aid of our professional staff the travelers can be anywhere they desire. We show you the gems present in the Himalayan Range, the culture that rests in the crevasses of Nepal. Furthermore, our services also extend to India, Tibet, and Bhutan where there are lots to do and explore.  Understanding that clients come in with different needs we have packages that are exciting for all at a cost-effective price. Based on the needs of our clients we present different experiences such as cultural, spiritual to multinational which may include Safari, Rock Climbing, Rafting and many other forms of tourist activities. Our aim is to simplify, expand and modernize Nepali tourism market and we do this by constantly challenging ourselves and finding news to quench your wanderlust desires. With us, no place is too out of reach, you get a quality service anywhere you go.  

Join us for a fun and amazing holiday.