Why Nepal?

Nepal is always a famous name in the world of international tourism. Researchers and trekkers believe that Nepal is a window to understand the geo-cultural world that India and Tibet live by. Nepal was a trade route between India and Tibet till 1930s. This social and economic factor has resulted in rich architectures, sculptures, and paintings of both Hindu and Buddhist origins. A country that has never been colonized, Nepal is a land of the brave Gorkhas. The Gorkhas were one of the backing military forces, which helped the British Empire rule over from India to Argentina.

Nepal is still believed to be the Shangri La, the hidden mysterious world. From Edmund Hillary and Tony Hagen to the Hippies of the late 1960s and the early 1970s found Nepal a haven of peace and tranquility. They made Nepal’s mountains and cultures famous in the world. Since then Nepal has been drawing visitors from serious academic to the backpackers around the world.

Nepal has got world-famous mountains. It has got over the ten highest peaks in the world. Therefore, trekkers and climbers around the world feel that they miss real experience of trekking and climbing if they don’t try their skills and talents in the mountains of Nepal.

Nepal got rich biodiversity and flora and fauna. The mighty rivers, which gush down from the mountains to the plains have created a world of wonderful flora and fauna. Rafters and wildlife explorers find Nepal offering some of the rare natural experiences.

Another reason why the tourists around the world flock to Nepal is the friendly behavior of Nepalis. The history has proven that Nepalis are open to liberal ideas and politics. They have embraced new liberal values and also have preserved the age-old wisdom and lifestyles. They are humble and perform friendly roles to the tourists.

Finally, Nepal was one of the few countries, which learned to manage tourism in a systematic manner since the 1970s. Therefore, tourists in Nepal feel safe and happy. Tour operators from abroad too have made their stations in Nepal and helped to create better human resources required to run tourism ethically and professionally. Tourism has made over 50 years long history in Nepal. This is proof that Nepal has got the best professionals needed for the world-class tourism.