Amazing Nepal Trek and Expedition has an intensive association with the community along with the business. We are the primary parts of the society as we are growing in society with full of aspiration of coming generation. To enhance our existing property and nature we need the proper intensive care of the natural and environmental life of society. We must need productive existences for a productive environment. We have been practiced an effective sense of self-regulation, motivation, conduction and responsible business model based on Corporate Social Responsibility. Since we are growing, we have been following Law, Ethical Standards, International Norms, Sustainability and Natural Conservation. In the context of the tourism sector of the world, we have the full ethics of business.

 The Society and business are the parts of same coins. The role of the business should be associated with social development in a multidimensional way. Amazing Nepal Trek and Expedition always creates the two-way relationship between business and Social Nourishment. We should create the positive effect on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, and all other members of the public sphere. To make the active participation in local development, community growth, and voluntarily eliminating bad aspects of the society we have been inspiring the people in various ways. With the collaboration with some non-governmental organizations, we have launched various program to enhance the power of the inclusive decision-making, honoring the environment, the culture, and the community. Moreover, our program to serve the earthquake victim and grant many facilities via child sponsorship progress which is highly appreciated and implemented on the ground since our establishment.

Explore Innovation
From the beginning of each holiday, you will accumulate strength and new insights. Instead, you can make changes and influences in the place you visit. Our main task is to make Tangible and Intangible changes in society directly and indirectly. Since its inception, we have been working with travelers from around the world and have made real changes in the lives of vulnerable groups. 

Many poor communities around the world seek the help of various organizations. In order to make some changes in the lives of those who are deprived, we must become a social milestone by changing some aspects and at the same time enter into tasks such as adventure and volunteering. Amazing Nepal Trek and Expedition has always glimpsed the side of social work. Our mission is social change with the help of various actions of tourists.

Inclusive Education
Amazing Nepal Trek and Expedition
is a concern of the academic consciousness of the Nepalese Government after several rural programs in Nepal. We want great pleasure for our customers. Not only do we travel for your trip, but we also contribute to the education and nutrition of some poor children in Gorkha District of western Nepal. We have completed some academic projects to develop the community of Gorkha District. Education is a tool of social change and progress. Therefore, We focus mainly on education and health. We have contributed to the establishment of restrooms, community libraries, school buildings and public meeting rooms in the town of Bungkot. We have sent many volunteers to schools in Gorkha District to improve the English Proficiency of our Nepalese students.

Our sponsorship program benefits talented and intelligent children from the rural area of the country. In collaboration with the school, we offer scholarships and freeship according to the level of the student. Soft souls and human feelings always attract and help talented and well-informed children of all ages and academic qualifications in education, first aid, stationery and living expenses in Gorkha and Kathmandu.
We have carried out various types of co-operation with people from Nepal, Australia, Bhutan, Israel, Belgium and Canada to jointly finance and support the project. From mountain to city, we have been running, donating, education in the lifelong process. We should not go to college for an education. We can get an education by staying in our community. Education begins with the cradle in the grave. We always educate our children to kill fish instead of eating fish. Therefore, they will be able to solve all the problems in the coming days. Therefore, we are entirely an interpretation of educational circles at all levels.

Environmental Protection Via Responsible 
We are completely linked to social and environmental responsibilities. Being responsible is a necessary term, so everyone should be aware of social conscience. If the natural environment will be destroyed in this universe, our business and social condition will have no presence. We inspire our guests, take the pictures and leave your prints. Surprising the great achievements of Nepal is to take responsibility for the civilization and the culture of the ecosystems and the societies of the whole trip. As a teacher you will be introduced to our society, people will know the results of some of the information and real environmental awareness. Before visiting, our guide will inform you about the team members’ importance of environmental protection, tourism activities as part of our responsibility and their application in daily life.

Our team has been creating awareness and maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. We want to avoid the greenhouse effect and depletion of the ozone layer through green environmental policies and balanced ecosystem. After learning a little knowledge of the past, we are receiving some advice, and we pass this awareness to our next generation. We rely on the current situation, by the group to minimize, change our understanding and awareness of the environment. You may have some questions about our environmentally responsible policies. Call us directly. Starting today, let us join in sustainable development.

Say no prostitution, no drugs, and eliminate them.
Amazing Nepal Trek and Expedition
always accept honesty and simplicity. We always look forward to the civilization and humility of the guests. Our guests do not expect to go brothel while traveling. We believe that the brothels of women and children are held captive to sell. We believe that the brothel of women and children are likely as prisoners in Prison. We need all kinds of social organizations to save women and children from such criminal activities and evilness. Many youths are facing the problem of Sexually Transmitted Disease which has forced them to live a life with full of pain and injuries. Therefore, we always pay attention to be safe with these diseases. 

In Nepal, taking drugs is highly prohibited. We have been given full authority by our team leaders to avoid this person. We have provided authority to our team leader for being away from this situation. Carrying drugs in the pocket will create a bad scenario for you as well as for the whole group. Although Marijuana and Opium are practiced in some parts of the world, Amazing Nepal highly offense to reject that task, in order to establish the non-toxic country. We hope to support the non-toxic country as Nepal.

How do you think about donations and gifts?

Donating money, pens, candy or anything directly to the locals especially to the children may create a habit of Begging culture.
Unfair competition between tourists and locals may occur; people tend to beg for culture. If you want to donate something in the community, please join with some social organization or Join hand with us. If you want to distribute pens, candy, notebooks and necessary things, it is best to co-operate with teachers or community leaders. With this co-operation, your donation will be distributed in a proper way to the needy community. This is not mandatory to donate, as you wish you can make a small contribution while you visit monastery or temple.

Plan Ahead and Prepare 

  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces 
  • Dispose of Waste Properly 
  • Leave What You Find 
  • Minimize Campfire Impacts 
  • Respect Wildlife 
  • Be Considerate of Your Hosts and Other Visitors

You may have some questions and confusion about our corporate social responsibility and our travels. Do not hesitate to ask or visit us and get involved. We look forward to seeing you in Nepal with some new ideas and knowledge.

The perfect environment, the perfect humanity and the elevated life are the missions of Amazing Nepal Trek and Expedition.

* All of our social projects are carried together with a locally based non-profitable organization - Pioneer Foundation Nepal (http://www.pfnepal.org)